Blake Farber

Based in NY

Growing up in a household having both parents as photographers, Blake Farber began his own career in film at the young age of 16. As a self taught NYC filmmaker, Blake worked on various film projects in over 20 countries including Brazil, Japan, Korea, Australia, India, UAE, Italy, Qatar, Portugal, Germany to the back alleys of NYC. Being a musician himself, he blends the visual medium of film with his musical background. Farber worked as director, cinematographer and editor with musicians such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Sepultura, Dropkick Murphy’s, David Sanborn, and many others. His work has been seen throughout the world, was featured in Forbes magazine in 2013, and winner of 2014 VEVO Best Video of the Year.

Blake来自纽约,成长于父母双方都是摄影师的家庭,他16岁就步入影视行业,尝试进行创作,作为一个自学成才的创作者,他已经在超过20个国家拍摄不同的项目,从巴西,日本,韩国,澳大利亚,印度,阿拉伯,意大利,卡塔尔,葡萄牙,德国,到纽约的后巷。作为一个音乐人,他结合自己专业的音乐背景,通过与视觉媒介的融合,呈现个人风格。同时,Farber也拥有导演,摄影师,剪辑师的多重身份,合作过的音乐人有:Beyonce,  Alicia Keys,  Sepultura,  Dropkick Murphy’s, David Sanborn等。他的作品已遍布全球多个地区,于2013年被福布斯杂志报道,他也是VEVO 2014年度最佳短片的获得者。


  • Betano – Craiova

  • CK – Blue

  • Benjamin Moore – Paints Your Business

  • ClearSkinn – Naked Love

  • H&M – Brooklyn

  • Nike – Don’t Stop Me

  • Stihl – Garden


  • Gil Glaze – Light Up Your Heart