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Flyover Films is a boutique TV commercial and film production house based in Shanghai, China. We provide professional production services for overseas companies and productions coming to China and Asia generally. We also provide concept and creative ideas as well as production services to local clients shooting in China and overseas.


Bi-Lingual, Shanghai Resident Executive producer Pauline Sun was one of the first internationally trained and experienced crew who returned to China with her vast overseas and local knowledge. Her exacting nature, international experience and “Can Do” mindset makes Pauline one of the few capable Executive Producers in China.  She has worked as line producer with many foreign productions in China over the years. Pauline’s experience as an Executive Producer has spanned the following sectors with local clients and agencies:

双语监制Pauline Sun是最早一批接受了国际化的训练和学习,并且在行业中积累了丰富经验的影视专业人员。她的严谨性格,国际经验以及勇于尝试的态度,在国内监制中独树一帜。Pauline监制的国内广告作品类型包括:

  • Automotive Industry cars and commercial vehicles


  • Fashion and beauty


  • FMCG products and financial services



Flyover Films is the bridge, a connection between East and West in both concept and execution. We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai soon.


Our Works 作品







L’OREAL 欧莱雅男士

• 欧莱雅男士哑清爽控型发蜡-邓伦

• 欧莱雅男士哑光塑型发泥-鹿晗

• 欧莱雅男士持久强塑喷雾-陈飞宇


ANTA Flashfoam

• Hen 母鸡篇

 • Hamster 仓鼠篇

WETCODE 水密码水光瓶 TVC – Director cut 导演剪辑版

WECHAT Brand Film 微信品牌宣传主题片 我微信你

HSBC 2019 CNY film  汇丰银行 2019 “全家福” 短片


Service 协拍

Come and shoot in China with us. We have vast experience to shoot in all different locations, from urban Shanghai, the famous Great Wall in Beijing, to rural places in Inner Mongolia or Yunnan (South China).

We also provide production service in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

We are “Foodies”!!!!! We also present a unique and cultural food journey. It is always a great pleasure to work with overseas teams, to learn and expand our visions through work and sharing cultures.

  • SKII – Marriage Market


  • P&G – Thank you Mum


  • Lufthansa – Taxi Driver

  • Sands Venetian






Flying Bear Entertainment 庚齐娱乐


Flying Bear Entertainment is a Joint Venture between Flying Tiger Entertainment and Flyover Films. Flying Bear produces entertainment projects for the Chinese market by recommending and packaging IP from the rest of the world to Chinese Development, Production and Distribution partners. We advise on entertainment projects that are exploited from China to the entire global marketplace. We broker international media technology, studio, and product deals between China and the rest of the world.

上海庚齐娱乐,是英国飞虎娱乐(Flying Tiger Entertainment)和上海拥岳(Flyover Films)共同创建的中英合资企业,以中国市场为主,联合英国以及欧洲,北美等境外地区共同开发策划以及制作电影,电视剧,电视节目等,推广文化合作和交流,成为联结中国影视和世界的桥梁。期望联合中外优秀的影视人才和技术,共同打造具有普世价值,艺术价值和专业价值的高质量影视精品。

Flying Tiger Entertainment 飞虎娱乐
Flying Tiger Entertainment is an international entertainment company.
In the past 15 years, the Flying Tiger team has raised over £500 million in finance for film, television and streaming projects. Flying Tiger provides assistance to companies and individuals looking to finance development, equity, GAP, tax credits, and bridge across multiple film, television, streaming and media technology opportunities.
Flying Tiger brokers entertainment content, technology, products, and studio projects with global partners around the world. Flying Tiger acquires, develops, produces, exploits and finances international Intellectual Property (IP) as film, television, streaming, VR, AR, and games to international territories. Flying Tiger currently has several film and streaming projects in development and pre-production. Founder Paul Brett is the producer of Oscar-winning The King’s Speech (2012), the highest grossing independent film of 2016 Chef, and BBC 2’s highest rated drama Wolf Hall (2015) etc.

飞虎与全球各地的伙伴合作包括娱乐内容、技术、产品和工作室项目。飞虎收购、开发、生产、利用和资助国际知识产权(IP),如电影、电视、流媒体、虚拟现实、增强现实和游戏,并将其销往国际市场。飞虎目前有多个电影和流媒体项目正在开发和前期制作中。创建人熊保罗是经验丰富的国际制片人,他制作的作品包括奥斯卡获奖影片《国王的演讲》(2012)、2016年票房最高的独立电影《厨师》,以及 BBC 2台评分最高的电视剧《狼厅》 (2015)等。