Cultures 文化

Both old oriental wisdom and modern liberal western thoughts always amaze us, we find them different, but also surprisingly similar in many ways – in the end, wisdom is universal. You are welcome to email us not just for job requests, but also for some “useless” talks and discussion. Here are some quotes from Chinese and Western philosophers to share with you.

©吴冠中 Wu Guanzhong

Lao-tzu 老子

– 尽人事 知天命

Do one’s best and leave the rest to Heaven’s (God’s) will.


The highest good is like water.

The goodness is that it benefits the ten thousand creatures;

Yet itself does not scramble,

But it is content with the places that all men disdain.

It makes water so near to the Way.

©朱耷 Zhu Da

Chuang Tzu 庄子

– 井蛙不可以语于海者,拘于虚也;夏虫不可以语于冰者,笃于时也;曲士不可以语于道者,拘于教也。

You can’t talk to a well frog about ocean, as it is limited by its vision;

You can’t talk to a summer insect about ice, as it is limited to its sense of time;

You can’t talk to a narrow-minded person about the Way, as he is restricted to his learning.

– 子非鱼,安知鱼之乐?子非我,安知我不知鱼之乐?

You are not fish, how would you understand fish’s enjoyment?

You are not me, how would you know that I don’t understand fish’s enjoyment?

©赵无极 Zhao Wuji

Jean Jacques Rousseau 让-雅克·卢梭

– Real freedom does not mean that you can do anything you want, rather you can reject what you do not want to do.


– Life itself has no value, its value lies in how to use it.


Bertrand Russell 伯特兰·罗素

– Diversity is essential to happiness.


– Democracy is the process by which people choose the man who’ll get the blame.


– The Chinese, of all classes, are more laughter loving than any other race with which I am acquainted; they find amusement in everything, and a dispute can always be softened by a joke.